Brand story

Midland is a modern, Italian minimalist, Nordic home décor brand that was established in 2013 in the design capital of Shenzhen.
There are a wide variety of products, including home ceramic decorations, glass, wrought iron, floral, fabric and daily necessities. The brand's products are elegantly designed, minimalist and refined.

Merlin Home Collection-New trends in Nordic home

Is a professional set design, production and sales in one of the ceramic furniture factory. Factory 10 years has been to the Nordic, simple, modern nude color matte home ceramic jewelry style occupation of European fashion home mainstream market.

Meilian Living Co,Ltd.

Address:Shenzhen Luohu District City Garden Road Yimao A128-A129 center on the first floor, four floor D011-D012
Address:The ancient Xiangfeng District of Chaoan city Chaozhou road two 8