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By Merlin Home Collection-New trends in Nordic home
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AP MERLIN LIVING decoration sector in northern Europe, minimalist, modern jewelry brand was founded in 2000, is one of the modern high-end brand furniture accessories manufacturers required.

The United States decoration industry produces 300 new products every year, and constantly eliminate old products, modern minimalist furniture foundation, thus providing the furniture factory with the latest, the most complete, the most comprehensive jewelry matching solutions.

Midland decoration product color collocation is impressive, because it always gives people a comfortable visual effect, it is with a solid color neutral color with gray white, soft transition, create a plain coffee color effect, total stable space elements break its visual sense of expansion, collocation of furniture or solid wood furniture most simple and plain but for this, jewelry and furniture balance is the most important trait of Scandinavian design.

With the improvement of living standards, people began to try to use light tone to decorate the space, and these light colors often and wooden furniture to build, create a comfortable living atmosphere. With the simple known to the world, and affect later "Minimalism" style, complete products and designs to decorative patterns not only simple lines, product style to decorate, this product is reflected in the simple furniture, two kinds of balance let people produce high-grade atmosphere feeling.

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Merlin Home Collection-New trends in Nordic home

Is a professional set design, production and sales in one of the ceramic furniture factory. Factory 10 years has been to the Nordic, simple, modern nude color matte home ceramic jewelry style occupation of European fashion home mainstream market.

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