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By Merlin Home Collection-New trends in Nordic home
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2016, standing in northern Europe, simple, modern style crossroads, where exactly should you go?

As we all know, in the current Chinese market, the prevailing Nordic wind, many vendors have their own brand rapid conversion, and hope to be able to occupy a place in this wave of rage. Where should we go in this complex Nordic wind? It is not difficult to find that there are many suppliers to maximize the reduction of AP replication, decorated World Nordic classic products, this approach is not worthy of praise, the original styles of products can be copied, but the expression of the life form is difficult to get a real expression and presentation.

Mature northern Europe, contracted, modern, the United States and the United States is bound to be your choice of suppliers, it is not only product mix, design concepts are quite mature, out of their own brand features. Mature soft package design has won the favor of many furniture factories.

Natural color, it is the Nordic wind, the greatest extent to show the natural beauty. Nordic style color collocation is a profound feeling, because it is natural color always get a comfortable visual effect, namely the use of black and white ash to create a soft effect, but also have color highlights to break it visual sense of expansion.

Beautiful natural coffee sets, dining tables, kitchen appliances, is the "Nordic people" pursuit of household goods, both to reflect its practicality, but also to highlight its beauty. It is the characteristics of the products launched by the United states.

From Norway's northern wind, elegant, natural, the product more most incisive.

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Merlin Home Collection-New trends in Nordic home

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