Simple ornaments - the Nordic simplicity in China

By Merlin Home Collection-New trends in Nordic home
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Nordic minimalist style is to design the elements, colors, lighting, raw materials to a minimum extent, but the color, material texture requirements. The space design of Scandinavian minimalist style is usually very subtle, with concise form of expression to meet people to the space environment that emotional, instinctive and rational demand, fully embodies the concise minimalism, it set off a boom in Chinese.

The combination of dots, lines and planes forms a variety of shapes - "body block", which is a three-dimensional image with long, wide and high spatial concept. Different combinations of points and lines, points and planes, lines and surfaces can make a monotonous block rich. The shape, quantity, space and arrangement of different works can make the artistic effect of the form can be changed; through the shape (geometry, organic shape, irregular shape) to create and shape combination.

The Nordic style is famous for its simplicity and influences the style of "Minimalism" and "post-modernism" later. In the surging wave of "industrial design" in the twentieth Century, the simplicity of the Nordic style was pushed to perfection. Reflected in the family decoration, is the interior of the top, wall, ground six faces, without the use of patterns and decorative patterns, only lines, color blocks to distinguish between embellishment.

Merlin Home Collection-New trends in Nordic home

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